Phoenix, Arizona – July 29, 2019 – No other known competitors in the market, OsteoStrong has made a global impact with the OsteoStrong Science.  Members see benefits of musculosketal strength training through a series of patented robotic treatment devices that are designed to allow axial compression of bone to emulate the effect of high impact forces in a safe environment.

With his background as a police officer, Joel Bell said the OsteoStrong was the only thing that allowed him to almost eliminate his lower back pain caused by wearing his duty belt and sitting for long periods of time in a patrol control car.  His wife, Carrie also had some health issues and really took the time to educate herself on OsteoStrong science and noticed a physical difference after attending only a few sessions.  With first-hand experience and inspiration at a Tony Robbins event, the husband and wife team decided to open their first location in Mesa, AZ.

Joel Bell stated, “Many first responders across the country have noticed increased strength and decrease in joint and back pain as well.”  Sessions are only 10 minutes, one time a week which allows the member to get in and get out without a large scheduling commitment. “It helps clients see rapid results in physical strength and power, energy, agility and balance, even reversing osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes,” said Bell.

The new facility is located at 9903 E Baseline Rd.  in the Augusta Ranch Marketplace shopping center.  The Director of Retail & Sales Investments, Mary Nollenberger with SVN Desert Commercial Advisors represented the owners with OsteoStrong in the lease transaction.  Carrie Bell said, “Literally from the start to finish and everywhere in between, Mary has gone above and beyond our expectations in communication, honesty and customer service. Mary is as professional as she is kind.”   The 1,587 square-foot space is a comfortable setting with TV video commercials in the lobby and the machines set up in the back for client sessions.  Owner, Carrie Bell said wtih her experience at OsteoStrong she has seen a significant increase in strength as well as a decrease in back pain from her scoliosis since using the system. “I would never want someone to feel hopeless like I did for years and that it was something I would always just have to deal with.  I have found relief through OsteoStrong and I believe you can as well.”

Mary Nollenberger said, “Learning about the benefits of Osteogenic Loading Sessions and their positive impact on bone density, posture, balance, athletic performance and joint and back pain was a game changer. Having Tony Robbins as  business development partner speaks to the strength of the concept. Working with Carrie and Joel to see their dreams come true is one of the reasons I can’t wait to be a part of a team that takes action to get from dream to reality.

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Media Contact: Melissa Swader