Phoenix, Arizona – June 27, 2019 – SVN Desert Commercial Advisors is pleased to announce they have brought in four new summer interns to join the SVN team.  Every summer the top ranking office recruits from all the Arizona Universities.  This year, SVN brought in 2 interns from Arizona State University and 2 from the University of Arizona.

The SVN Internship Program was created to help invest in the future of young entrepreneurs that are interested in starting a career in commercial real estate.  Through hands-on projects and assignments, along with immersion into financial underwriting, sales techniques, and transaction management, graduates of the Internship Program will be in a position to transition into a career with SVN.  Having been carefully selected from hundreds of resumes, the groups bring great energy and a positive attitude, fully in line with the SVN Core Covenants.

Interns Ryan Johnson and Jeewon Park are both attending Arizona State University.  Johnson is studying Finance with a minor in Real Estate and Jeewon Park is pursuing a degree in Business Data Analytics with a minor in Real Estate. Paisley Petersen and Thomas Albin are attending the University of Arizona. The Wildcats, Paisley Petersen is in the Eller College of Management studying Marketing and Thomas Albin is studying Management Information Systems with a minor in Photography.  Managing Partner Perry Laufenberg stated, “They all bring something different to our office.  Ryan is a natural leader that is achievement oriented, making him an asset to the team.  Jeewon brings a professional demeanor and sales experience that opens the doors for him to excel in our office.  Paisley brings such great creativity and really exudes teamwork and Thomas has such a passion for real estate and growth mindset that are a perfect fit within our office culture.

Peterson stated, “I didn’t realize that there is so much that goes into every process and how many steps that goes into developing the final product.”(Referencing the Offering Memorandums)  Director of Marketing, PR & Administration sat down 1-on-1 with them and had a chance to review the first 2 weeks into their internship program. “We are so excited to bring such great young energy to our office. The interns are learning everyday and we are all getting to know their personalities and strengths in just a short amount of time.  They have learned quickly and it’s been such a pleasure to have them here. I mean 2 Sun Devils and 2 Wildcats – it doesn’t get much better than that.”

ASU student, Jeewon Park said, “It has been really cool to see how it starts from beginning to end, from proposals and going onto to sales Offering Memorandum, then getting that listing and just all the steps in between.”  The internship program will run through the beginning of August, just about the time that school begins the fall semester so they will have a solid two months of commercial real estate education and training.  “I have had the opportunity to jump right in and get first-hand experience with working with the brokers; to make proposals, go on site tours, attend broker’s event and just really jump into the culture,” said ASU student Ryan Johnson. “You just never know who you are going to meet and I just really enjoy getting out there and meeting people in the brokerage community.”  Thomas Albin also had the chance of getting some first-hand experience with our advisors.  “I didn’t really know too much about commercial real estate coming into this because my parents come from the residential side, but over the last couple of weeks, I have learned about Costar, from sales proposals, producing Offering Memorandums, and going on site tours with the brokers,” said Thomas Albin from U of A. “I am really excited to get into the underwriting part of it.”  An intern who looks forward to the underwriting training is when you know you have a great group of young entrepreneurs on your team.

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Media Contact: Melissa Swader

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