Phoenix, Arizona – December 28, 2018 – Social media today has certainly changed the way the world communicates across the globe. It has been the catalyst to the pop culture phenomenon that influencers and celebrities have gained valuable endorsements and popularity among their fans.  However, issuing press statements for your company is a vital tool and more important than ever in successfully promoting your company.  This is a great way to leverage your relationships with the media to share content with your target audiences.  If you do not have a public relations agency writing about your business and issuing press statements from time to time, then put this on your 2019 calendar because this will boost your company’s visibility.

This does not mean to stop your Online marketing strategies, such as your digital and social media marketing. It is recommended however, to add into your strategic marketing plans.  Here are some of the reasons why issuing press releases have become so important.

– Promoting New Products/Services

You can gain valuable engagement and readers by an eye-catching headline.

EX: Top ranked technology company merges with national CRE tech Company

For those who are already using this top ranked technology company will immediately read their newest service. For those who have never heard of this “Top Ranked” company may gain interest and would start reading the article right away. Why are they top-ranked? What other services do they have? Asking questions like “What benefits will this merge have on the CRE industry?” Well, you will only know if you read the article.  Social media is not the platform for all this detail so you must establish valuable relationships with those who can share your news story.


– Press Releases can establish your company has an Industry Expert

First of all, why is it important to be seen as an industry expert? Let’s say there are Commercial Real Estate firms in the same service area. Which brokerage will the investor use?  If they have seen articles about your company in the news consistently, it immediately gains credibility.  As consumers continue to read about valuable information on the services that company provides, they will also gain trust which is a more likely chance that investors will exclusively list with your brokerage.  Let’s not forget to mention, that when the media establishes your company as an expert, you have also become a valuable asset and now they will call on you as an expert contributor to any future articles, press, stories they are writing about and now you gain free press. However, let’s keep in mind this is mutually beneficially for all parties involve.  The publishing media company establishes credibility with great reading content.  The brokerages gain local and national media recognition and most of all, the subjects mentioned in the article becomes a notable resource as an expert in their field.

– Improving your Brand Recognition

Social media is a great way to establish the brand recognition of specific products or people for that matter. Influencers are paid thousands of dollars to post energy drinks during their “work out” and post to Instagram.  However, issuing press statements that get published will be a huge contributing factor on improving your brand image. Content is just as important. Your consumers need to read more about the product/and services directly.  So not only is it about your image, it is also what you have to offer that backs it up.

This is the basic mainstay of PR. Press statements are only as great as their content. Although we can submit a press statement to dozens of media contacts that does not necessarily mean it will get published.   This is my last blog of the year as a press writer for commercial real estate and national business blogger I follow my own 3 simple rules.  Be Consistent. Be Original. Be You.  My business brand is my name and the content that the readers engage with.  Moving into 2019, press statements in 2019 will be more alive than ever and everyone in a marketing role should appreciate the most valuable relationships we have with media partners.  We are all collaborators.

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