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Phoenix, Arizona – October 30, 2018 – I can’t even get the smile off my face. You sure did fool the Internet guys. The Justin Beiber doppelganger Canadian Brad Sousa, who has 29k Instagram followers of his own pulls off one of craziest viral stories to prove the SOCIAL MEDIA has power. Yes, the media has always had the power; to tell the truth and/or just simply “Fake News dude” described by one of these viral organizers. Even after Vanity Fair reached out the original social media poster, Conner on Reddit, it still was plugged on thousands and thousands of shared feeds. “Eating A Burrito Sideways” – headlines shown all across the country because one group of guys wanted to prove they could do it. Well done guys! More importantly, they took it a step further, they actually documented the entire process maximizing the possibilities of even more attention. Yes, I am still smiling. It will not be too long before merchandisers start printing the slogan on T-Shirts or a unique Mexican restaurant concept adds the ” Bieberitto” to the menu – Oh C’Mon, you know it will happen!!! Social Media is money…… shown by the 1.9M views on YouTube documenting the entire story. [Youtube Video]

I can only appreciate the excitement in the faces of these several guys who plotted and planned a well thought out social media strategy for something to actually go viral. While we all know there are many media channels that eat up (no pun intended) celebrity siting news, Brad Sousa was down for this unexpected 2-day work role that could either go viral or just be on one of those rejected lost funniest video compilations. NAILED IT!!!!

As they say, bad press is good press!!! I can only imagine what Justin Beiber is saying about all this, but since he is taking a break from his career perhaps Sousa can make some red carpet appearances for him instead. I have been in marketing for 20-years and tell my clients all the time that creativity and innovation is the key to engagement. You have to think outside the box. You see me post on Linkedin all the time. That is not even half of the marketing that I post to the public. You should see me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The one common denominator is designing amazing marketing content – original content that your readership will acknowledge. The MEDIA wants news…. any news, as the millions of people are witnessing this phenomenon over the last two days. In short, be creative, get inspired, stay motivated and most of all believe you can do it. Plan strategically and maximize all the media resources you have to share your message. Get er’ Done!

Well, I have got to go because I have a lunch meeting to go over my “Secret Recipe” to my marketing strategies. The webinar is coming soon. For now, I think I might just go out and have a burrito. 🙂

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