Phoenix, Arizona – January 31, 2019 – The commercial real estate industry is benefiting hugely from a platform that is designed to provide best practices and further education to investors, multifamily industry employees, advisors, prospects and more.  The gaining popularity of these meetings, referred to as “Lunch & Learns” also gives the participants the opportunity to increase their awareness of named topics and for speakers to nurture their skills as a presenter.

SVN Desert Commercial Advisors in Phoenix has been offering a balanced Lunch & Learn schedule since September of 2017.  Multifamily advisors Carrick Sears, Vicente Cantua and Kevin Weller who recently joined the multifamily team continue to bring in valuable speakers to address some of the most popular subject topics in commercial real estate.

Vicente Cantua stated, “The session that brought the most awareness was the Opportunity Zone.”  Over the last several months, Arizona has really touched on this topic because of the many opportunities it brings to the buyer/investor.  “There is a lot of value in bringing in the top lawyer specializing in the subject sharing his knowledge about this new law,” said Cantua.  Senior advisor, Carrick Sears and Cantua have brought in multiple speakers to cover such topics as How to Maximize your ROI, How to improve Landlord-Tenant Relationships, Tax Reform, and the Deferred Sales Trust to name a few.  Senior advisor Carrick Sears added, “We want to implement a Lunch n Learn series to provide education of important topics relating to multifamily investing in an informal hands-on format.”  This format is designed to engage both experienced and new to the business investors.

One of the past speakers, Dillon Hall – My Estate Planning Team stated, “This is a crucial time when many investors have racked up substantial gains and want to take advantage of the high prices seen today, but without the mandate to pay Uncle Sam.”  The tax incentives have definitely given many of these investor’s ample opportunities.  Hall continued to state, “Our DST program allows an investor to sell their appreciated asset and defer taxes without having to reinvest in real estate again, which is really quite an eye-opener for most investors.”  Attorney, Brian Burt from Snell & Wilmer also added, “Disclose the opportunity….and the risks.  Give the prospective investor a fully informed decision.”  Companies are looking to invest in some of the larger deals in the area.  “As companies look to raise capital and take on larger deals, it is critical that they structure private equity transactions so as to both achieve their financial objectives and remain compliant with federal and state securities laws.  In short, while Arizona has been given the opportunity zone tax incentives and advantages towards capital gains, it is important that investors and anyone in consideration is fully aware of the law pertaining to their financial assets.

The SVN multifamily team will continue to serve the public education by bringing in the experts to address topics to help benefit all parties.  The next scheduled session will be held February 19, 2019.  For more information, you can contact Vicente Cantua directly at

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Media Contact: Melissa Swader