SVN® Internation Corp. Economic Update – Keeping our clients up-to-date about the latest real estate landscape trends.

In the closing months of 2023, the US economy showcased resilience and positive shifts across various sectors. The housing market experienced a notable drop in median housing payments, down $400 (-14%) from its October peak, fostering renewed interest among homebuyers. This decline, attributed to a consistent drop in mortgage rates, propelled a 10% increase in Redfin’s Demand Index. Concurrently, the real estate landscape witnessed a 10% uptick in new listings compared to the end of 2022, creating a favorable environment for potential buyers.

The single-family rental (SFR) market also displayed significant trends, with record-high construction starts in Q2 2023 and decreasing cap rates. Despite a slowdown in rent growth, occupancy levels remained strong, averaging 94.4% in Q3. Meanwhile, investor purchases of single-family properties declined, though at a slower pace in 2023 than seen in 2022. On the construction front, both residential and non-residential sectors contributed to the positive economic outlook, with non-residential construction spending up by 18.1% over the past year, fueled by a surge in manufacturing-related construction. Additionally, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) delinquencies decreased in December, reversing previous trends, and the retail and office sectors led the decline, contributing to an overall optimistic start to 2024.

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