Written By:  Melissa Swader

The Commercial Real Estate Industry has proven to be a community that stays connected with the current market, latest technology trends, and social media markets.  It is no surprise to see more and more social media platforms being developed, as if Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook were not enough.  However, in the “REAL” business world, professionals have much more to say.  They want to be heard and not announce what they had for breakfast or where they were at midnight.  They want to share their knowledge and engage readers to learn more about real business, real topics.  Hence, we blog!

The power of the internet is exceptional.  Bloggers like me join professional social media sites because we seek to engage entrepreneurs, other brokerages/brokers, CRE affiliations alike across the nation.  I wrote a LinkedIn blog last year to explain that there are certain standards and expectations a professional must adhere to on that site.  The blog in short was about accuracy, profile delivery, and most of all, NO photo, NO connection.  What I also found over the last year is that there are many other professional affiliations that spend a vast amount of time building a network of their own to bring the commercial real estate community together.  Who?  The Broker List for one!

SVN, Desert Commercial Advisors was recently selected to the Top 10+ CRE Blogs of 2016 under the category of V.I.P Bloggers/Special Mentions for blogging about the Most Done Deals at our brokerage in Phoenix, AZ.  Let’s just start out by saying that it could have been a real challenge in my rebranding efforts since corporate decided to change its name to simply SVN. Not to mention, our entity name went through its own rebranding efforts as well. I can look at that as challenging or just simply rewarding.  It is honor to see our new company name, Desert Commercial Advisors to be recognized in the media for not only the deals we completed last year but all the recognitions we have received as a commercial real estate brokerage.

The Broker List has been a great business partner in the CRE evolution of business relationship building.  There have been many blogs written by other brokerages and associations that offer basic training tips, deal transaction opportunities, or recommendations on CRE books that can help increase business and gain power in the commercial real estate industry.  As the Director of Marketing & Administration for our Phoenix brokerage, all I can say is that I appreciate Linda Harrison at TBL for all her hard work and those at TBL who make all this possible for CRE professionals.  It is an honor to be listed among such credible companies.  I will continue to write, read, learn, and share my blogs. My most important objective of all is staying connected!


SVN | Desert Commercial Advisors is a full-service commercial real estate services firm providing comprehensive expertise in investment brokerage, leasing, landlord/tenant representation, analysis/valuation and market research. We specialize in multifamily, retail, office, medical/dental, and restaurant property types. Visit our website at www.SVNDesertCommercial.com for more information.


Blog By: Melissa Swader
Director Of Marketing & Administration