Phoenix, Arizona – February 10, 2016 – A notable sale transaction last year of Palm Plaza in Phoenix was just one of the many highlights in 2015. Office advisors, continue to represent the new owners and are now filling up the office building with new tenants. Additionally, Ventura Gateway in Scottsdale continues to fill their tenant space and is already at ninety percentage occupancy.


Office advisors, Justin Horwitz and Paul Borgesen III have sold 8,643 square-feet to Michael Smith, who was represented by SRM Development for $635,000.00. The retail property is located at 2722 N. 7th St. in Phoenix. The seller was represented by SVN, Desert Commercial Advisors. Dorothy Sweet with Fidelity National Title handled the sale transaction.

Justin Horwitz and Paul Borgesen III have sold 1,267 square-feet to Nathan Reid in the amount of $245,000.00. The property was located at 3337 N. Miller Rd. in Scotsdale. SVN advisors represented the seller and Southwest Realty and Property Management, LLC represented the buyer. Jodi Thalheimer with Pioneer Title Agency handled the sale transaction.

Retail Directors of Leasing, Rommie Mojahed and Mary Nollenberger represented the existing client and buyer, William Sladek with Dairy Queen in the sale transaction in the amount of $635,000.00. The land property, consisting of 66,449 SF is located at 15403 W. Greenway Rd. in Surprise. Vicki Bartlett with Security Title Agency handled the transaction.


Justin Horwitz and Jonathan Levy have leased 1,326 square-feet of office space to Mark Greenberg with Premium Lending at Palm Plaza. The property is located at 141 E. Plam Ln. in Phoenix. The landlord, Michael David and Craciela Richards was represented by Desert Commercial Advisors.

Justin Horwitz and Nicole Ridberg have leased 1,123 square-feet at 8687 E. Via De Ventura. in Scottsdale. The landlord, Ventura Management, LLC. was represented by SVN and the new tenant , Jim Summers with IT Partners, LLC was represented by Jill Abert with Arcadia Property Management.

Justin Horwitz and Nicole Ridberg have leased 1,633 square-feet to Harold Perkins with Galaxy Lending Group. The property is located at 8687 E. Via De Ventura in Scottsdale. SVN advisors represented the landlord, Ventura Management, LLC. and the tenant was represented by Janice Cornia with Arcadia Management.

Mary Nollenberger (Ridberg) and Rommie Mojahed have leased 4,132 square-feet at Union Hills Square to Somone Johnson with Strong Money, LLC. The property is located at 8190 E. Union Hills Dr. in Glendale. The landlord was the represented by the Retail team with SVN in Phoenix.

Rommie Mojahed and Mary Nollenberger (Ridberg) have leased 11,700 square-feet to M & M Sports and Recreation, LLC. They both represented the landlord, Palm Court Investments, LLC in Mesa. The property is located at the Palm Court Center at 255 W. Warner Rd. in Chandler.

Jonathan Levy has leased 672 square-feet to Krista Bilsten with Sign on the Line, LLC. The property is located at 67 E. Weldon Avenue in Phoenix. The advisors represented the landlord, D & M Development Group, LLC.

Jonathan Levy has leased 319 square-feet to Harold Ranmath with Acacia Care, LLC. The office suite at Northwest Plaza is located at 8601 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Levy represented the landlord Danmat Investment, LLC. in the lease transaction.

Justin Horwitz and Jonathan Levy have leased 1,010 SF square-feet to Sara J. Schrauben with The Guarantee Company of North America USA. The landlord, Deer Valley Partnerships, LLC were represented by SVN advisors Horwitz and Levy. The new tenant was represented by Korrine Gowin with William Winton & Associates.

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Media Contact: Melissa Swader