Phoenix, Arizona – April 25, 2018 – They believe in living life without limits however most people don’t understand what it means to wake up every day feeling incapable of living a normal physical life. Jason Rodie, the owner of Creating Vitality knows exactly how that felt so he decided to do something about it.

His vision is quite simple and what the world needs more of today.  Compassion! Rodie has cerebral palsy and is a walking miracle since being told he would not walk past 18 years of age.  He imagined building a gym that provided the same opportunities that elite athletes are given. His concept was to build a gym where influential athletes can work out along side someone with the physical challenge. His dream is that they can help motivate each other; a community that helps one another.  Rodie stated, “We may all be different and at different physical abilities, yet we all can work together to get the results we intend.”  In this case, he built the gym, had a grand opening and then was suddenly faced with property zoning issues and was unable to open to the public.

This is a great example how valuable relationships and trust makes a difference in business today. SVN Desert Commercial Advisors has one of most notable retail advisors in the valley. Director of leasing and sales investments, Rommie Mohajed came through for Rodie in a matter of a couple weeks or so. Mojahed was notified they had zoning issues and the owner was forced to find another retail space to move his entire gym.  Not only did Mojahed identify the demographics immediately, the letter of intent was submitted and in a matter of a few days, Creating Vitality found its new home. The new location is at 2388 N. Alma School Rd. in the Alma School Villages Shoppes. This 6,000 square foot space is already getting ready for all the fitness and training programs they will offer.

“Working with Rommie was awesome. He took the time to find us a spot to ensure that we could do both training and rehabilitation at the same location,” said Rodie. Not only did Mojahed get the deal done, he also contacted John Volken Academy Movers the morning of the day they had to get all their fitness equipment moved to the next location. When the original moving company was unable to accommodate over that Easter weekend, Mojahed placed one call to the Volken Academy Movers and they came through immediately. Rommie has served on the board for several years. The addiction recovery program is modeled after the therapeutic community approach to treatment, providing students with healthy lifestyle changes needed to live successful long-term sober lives. Rodie stated, “The guys were a huge help in our move. They literally showed up and began moving our stuff and fast. I had to let them know they could rest and take water breaks.” That sort of commitment was appreciated under the deadline they were faced.  He continued to express that they were so professional, friendly and looks forward to working with them again. Mojahed found that pairing the two businesses would be inspiring to everyone because they have all had to overcome health challenges in their lives.

Rodie has designed the ‘Adaptive Program’ to help get the community involved to sponsor athletes throughout the year. These businesses will play an instrumental part of the training and development and will be featured at all the charity events throughout the year. The new fitness facility offers high-intensity interval training, weight loss programs, and one of their main programs is designed for athletes specifically for agility, strength and endurance.  The upcoming programs will include obstacle course training, physical therapy, and 55 and over classes. Let’s not forget to mention, Zumba is coming soon!

Don’t Dis My Ability” – Aspire ~ Revive ~ Ignite.

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Media Contact: Melissa Swader

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