2020 Influencer in Marketing, Melissa Swader

As a local and nationally recognized marketing influencer in the CRE industry by GlobeSt./Real Estate Forum magazine, I am going to provide you with some simple content ideas on social media to help boost your brand visibility that will help you build your business.

There are CRE advisors out there that copy my original marketing ideas/concepts. That is okay but the politically correct thing to do is to actually give me the credit for it first then expand on the subject that allows you to give your own insight to the subject topic and create more unique engagement to your following.

This is Social Media 101 – Authenticity Matters!

Here is how to avoid copying others – Create your own content ideas based off a few simple details. While there are dozens I can provide, I am not giving away all my trade secrets (you will have to wait for my book to come out for that – Coming Soon!) but here are some great ideas for anyone in CRE, including those in the marketing industry.

1) Create a Poll. Are you an expert in a specific property type? GREAT! Then talk about the latest news trends on that specific market, provide some insights on the current business climate then ask your target audience very specific questions to this market | For example, “As a retail tenant rep, I have recently become busy with our local shopping malls closing down. I have reached out to these retailers and are now helping them find a new space since they have been forced to close.” POLL QUESTION: Do you believe that shopping centers will be obsolete within the next 3 years due to the current shift in E-Commerce/online shopping? Not only does it give them a chance to reply to the poll, it also create further commentary. By creating new conversations, you are actually indirectly creating a new Content idea → Blogging.

2) Write a Blog. I know, I know – Who has time to write a blog in your busy schedule? If you think your schedule is any busier than mine, you are mistaken. I put in 15 hour days and always find the time. Some people like to plan their blog topics. While this may be a more efficient way of planning your schedule, most blogs are inspired by what you see, what you have read. In example 1, polling actually is a great way to engage other viewpoints. Your audience now has the floor. By reading their comments, you are able to once again elaborate on other viewpoints and dig further into that specific topic. Will shopping malls become obsolete? Take everything you have read and create a quick 3 – 4 paragraph blog about the subject and include some of their feedback. What better way to gain those valuable relationships by asking them if they want to be included into your blog. Guess what? They will be excited to be a part of it and most of all, they will share your blog to their own feeds, creating more opportunity for the both of you. This is called “collaboration” and by showing “reciprocation” by sharing their blog, you will also be someone they may want to work with in the future. **I love collaboration so if you ever want to work with me on somethings, I am a message away. ☺ You can find my blogs in many places: SVN | Ruby Red Media LLC | Blogger | My YouTube Channel to name a few. “Real Talk, Real Business, Real People”

3) Video Marketing. – Not everyone has this down correctly yet because we truly do not wish to see you holding your iPhone beneath your face while you are walking and filming. We do not care to see your nose hairs or your beard (sorry men, women do not do this) that is truly not a good sight from a low angled view. Buy yourself a selfie stick or invest into buying a video stabilizer such as Smove or simply raise your camera to eye-level when you are filming from your phone. Now back to video marketing content. If you are a CRE advisor, you should be creating video content right in front of the building you have listed. Getting in front of your property and film something as simple as the location, the square footage, a street view from where you are standing or maybe even a short tour of the entrance while you talk about the listing details. Hey, you don’t have to give it all away, save some highlights for when they call you because the idea behind any listing video is to schedule a tour. You do not have to be a marketing video expert to make this happen, just download some video apps right to your iPhone or Droid if you choose to add headers or logos or add music. You can put something together in 15 minutes. Or you can just upload your video right to social media as it is. NOTE – please iron your shirt (y’all really should look presentable if even you are in khaki’s and a T-shirt) Do you know how many times I just saw something, parked my car and filmed a video about CRE impromptu? Lots….

Remember the blog I talked about earlier, well you have the ability to create a blog about your current listing too. Let’s say that you just took on a new listing of an old iconic building located on one of the most popular streets in the famous boulevard. Do some research and find out how many other vintage buildings that may be in the area and/or if any sold recently and repurposed into a new age trending record store. You not only will provide some fantastic history in the area, the economic growth of the area, or what the current trends are, but you can also include the details of the listing you just took on too. Wrap it all up into one blog and share this all over your social media pages. Don’t forget to check your website links and make sure they are all working. The point of every blog is to redirect them to a different site where the big money is waiting.☺ Oh, and if you produced a video, you can also talk about that too and hyperlink your video right into your blog. Are you starting to see how all this is relative?

So there you have it. Here are some ideas to get you started. You do not have to be perfect in everything you do, you just have to be consistent in what you are doing. Be inspired by the activity that is happening around you. If there are reasons to celebrate, then create unique design work to share and celebrate the news. The more you post, the most people will want to follow you. And don’t worry if you do not feel like your video was perfectly delivered. It is okay, imperfections are part of authenticity and you never want to change that – remain true to who you are! You should see my blooper reel! That is coming soon too.

You never can truly know how great you will be until you really give it an honest try.

For more information about me personally and professionally, visit my website at: www.melissaswader.com You can also check out my bio as a Director of Marketing, PR & Administation at SVN Desert Commercial Advisor HERE

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Original post on LinkedIn 7/20/20